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Getting creative making pressed flower art 


If you are still looking for ways to be creative during the current crisis, then try making a picture out of pressed spring flowers. It is a very easy way to make a memory of this time or a great educational project with your children, as you they can learn the flower names as they do it. 


All you need to do to make your picture is:

  1.  take a few small cuttings of clean flowers that have no spots or blemishes and it is better to pick them on a sunny day when they are dry

  2. place the flowers face down between two sheets of parchment paper and then place some old, heavy books on top to press them

  3. leave them undisturbed for 7 -10 days  

  4. then take them out and place them in a Flam.



   1. 晴れた日に作業に取り掛かるのをお勧めします。

     出来るだけ、汚れやシミ、傷のないきれいな花を小さく切り        取って乾かします。

   2. 2枚の紙の間に花を下向きに置き、古い重い本や重石を


   3. 重石を乗せたまま7〜10日間放置して待ちましょう。

   4. 次にそれらを取り出してお気に入りのサイズやデザイン


pressing flower
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